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Installation views, Ornamental Neon

ASC Gallery, London, 2018

Installation views, Lore of the Land (curator David Harrison)

Churchgate Gallery, London, 2018

Installation views, Frivolous Convulsions 

Turf Projects, London, 2018

Installation views, I Am A Beautiful Monster

Arthouse1 Gallery, London, 2017

Installation views, Self-Portrait in RedRuth Borchard Portrait Prize 

Piano Nobile Gallery, London, 2017

Installation views, Unquiet Brides Solo Exhibition

Unit G Gallery, London, 2016

Installation views, And The Dark And The Dark

A-Side B-Side Gallery, London, 2015

Installation views and curator's panel discussion, Strange Attraction

APT Gallery, London, 2015

Hot One Hundred

Schwartz Gallery, London, 2013

Installation view, de Kooning, de Kooning, de Kooning

David Risley Gallery, Copenhagen, 2011

Installation view, MA Fine Art interim show

Triangle Space, Chelsea College of Art and Design, London, 2010

A Higher Plane Awaits, MA Fine Art final show, Chelsea College of Art and Design, London 2010

Installation view, Then I Remembered

Carter Presents Gallery, London 2010-2011 

Enjoy Democracy Responsibly

Forman's Smokehouse Gallery, London, 2010

Invisible Means of Support 

Rochelle School, London, 2009

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